There is one bonus about being 9 months preggo for the New Year – I can totally ignore all of the Resolutions around weight loss, although I suppose my efforts will start soon enough. But I did tell myself that I was going to be better about posting my TWD efforts, as I actually kept up with the baking pace this fall, but obviously never posted anything!

And yet, here I am on Wednesday. I guess I could have made a resolution to be on time more. But something tells me that my ability to be on time with an upcoming newborn is not going to be high.

Anyhoo, I was glad to try a new pizza dough recipe, as I really overused my typical recipe this summer in an effort to use all of the CSA veggies in a manner that was palatable in my morning-sickness induced state. I also tried something new with this recipe – the proof feature on my oven!

I’ve had this oven for a year, but it didn’t strike me to try the proofing feature until this week. This is after several attempts at keeping my kitchen warm for dough-proofing purposes by using steam from a boiling pot of water or by keeping my oven door propped. Yeah. I am happy to report that proofing worked well.

While proofing, I cooked down the onions for the confit as directed, with one change. There’s no wine in the house right now (I get pretty sad about avoiding wine these days), so the onions were cooked down with a coffee stout. I think the onions turned out beautifully in any event.

We topped our pizza dough with the confit and goat cheese. And I loved how the dough baked up – it stood up to the heavy confit and yet was light and poufy. We ate our extra crusts with a little bit of sorghum. 🙂


Check out our host for the week for the recipe and a great example – Paul from The Boy Can Bake

I suppose I should get myself to work, eh? Hope everyone is doing well this New Year!