I have to admit that it felt pretty good to get back into the kitchen for a TWD this weekend. While I have been cooking, I haven’t had much extra energy to even wash the dishes, let alone photograph and then write about what I made. You see, DH and I are busy planning for a new addition to our Domestic family, and it’s taken up more emotional and physical energy than I could have ever imagined.

For the most part, I have been fortunate enough to feel pretty good throughout this whole process. Everything has been moving along pretty much as expected (thank goodness for all those apps, articles, message boards, books, etc. that give you a sense of what’s coming in a non-scary way. There has been, though, one exception. At least once a week, I break out into a fit of elephant tears for no particular reason.

And I can’t for the life of me stop.

And it was that time on Labor Day morning when I decided to get this cake into gear. Complete with a rainy morning, candles in the kitchen, and Regina Spektor. It could only get better from here, right?

It started out with beautiful nectarines.


Which got nestled in some melted butter and brown sugar. I had to do my melting in the warming oven thanks to my glass stovetop, but it worked fine (although I should have wrapped the bottom of the pan before melting the butter -NFNT.


And the roasting of the streusel and preparation of the batter went along just fine as well.


I absolutely love making things with meringue – have since I went to pie – making class at Kitchen Conservatory and learned how to do it right!


And everything was assembled and put in the oven (with a little extra cake for me as I was not able to find a10-inch springform pan.

50 minutes later, everything is baked up and appears to be done.


So I let it cool while I did a little Preggie-workout (gotta lift those weights if you’re going to have dessert)!

After I had enough and had managed not to cry for over an hour, I went back to my cake to flip it. It wasn’t hard to flip and fortunately didn’t stick too badly.

Or else I would have never gotten to this point.


It looks like it’s supposed to. It’s in one piece. But….it jiggled worse than jello. Then I realized that it was in no way near done baking. Nor was it sturdy enough to get back onto a being sheet in one piece.

Since I don’t waste dessert, I scooped it up in as large of pieces as I could pick up, put it back on the baking sheet, and into the oven. The cake needed another 20 minutes before its insides were sturdy. DH did nothing but laugh when I pulled it out of the oven. I have made some fugly dishes before, but this one was pretty bad. And yet, despite the effort and emotional trauma of the day thus far, I managed to laugh too.

So we had nectarine chiffon crumble for dessert last night. The struesel was crispy and tasted of the roasted almonds and cinnamon, the baked nectarines were soft and had started to caramelize in the brown sugar/butter, and the cake in between was light and fluffy.

It just looked like mush.


Don’t let my experience deter you- check out this week’s hosts Marlise at The Double Trouble Kitchen and Susan of Little French Bakery for wonderful examples of what this beautiful cake should look like.

But rest assured I will still be eating mine this week. 🙂