I was grateful that I happened to have all the ingredients for the semolina bread, as it seemed that this recipe took up every spare moment I had this weekend. Actually, that is more of a reflection of how busy I was this weekend than the complexity of this recipe, but it did require some advance planning to squeeze the baking and rising in with meetings and appointments.

Oh, and I had to bake the bread at 9 at night since it’s been above 90 degrees here for three some weeks and I can barely handle any more heat.

Since Saturday was really booked (we are starting a project to redo our basement and I also realized I was so far behind on my routine errands that the dry cleaners had a few of my suit jackets for a good 5 weeks), I only had time to make the sponge. So sponge-making I did that afternoon, and then I took a risk and placed it in the fridge after the recommended hour on the counter.

Still looks the same after 14 cold hours later.

Then Sunday I brought the sponge up to room temperature and mixed it with flours and salt. And yes, I do actually have semolina flour on hand at all times for when DH decides he needs to destroy our kitchen making pasta. For the first time with a TWD recipe, I used the food processor method. I’m usually not keen on the FoodPro…while it works beautifully, I am secretly terrified of having to wash it myself as I’m afraid of cutting myself (and have no idea how the thing fits together again once I’m done).


Then, the test. Did keeping the sponge overnight in the fridge do my dough any harm?


I am happy to report…No!


Once the first rise was complete, I kneaded the dough into a loaf for the second rise. This one did not rise a ton, but I wonder if some of the issue was that my loaf size was pretty spread out. But as it is, the loaf did rise somewhat prior to baking.

I baked for the exact time as the outside of the loaf was so hard I was afraid I had over baked it since my loaf was so flat. But when I finally cut into it on Monday morning, it was easy to cut and very chewy. I don’t know if it’s supposed to be chewy, but I haven’t minded this week.

Oh, and I am of the camp that there is too much salt in this loaf. Or, due to the semolina flour, it just seemed especially salty to my taste. But it’s still a nice hunk of bread that didn’t require all that much hands-on time to make.


Visit our hosts beautiful pages (Annaatkeepitlice and Renee at The Way to My Family’s Heart for this recipe. Hopefully I will be back up and blogging more frequently soon!