First things first. I am nowhere close to being a True Domestic Gal.  I am a woman who works 60 hours a week and has to spend another 5-10 hours a week running to make up for my love affair with Asian take-out. That does not leave me with enough time to say, find my bedroom floor underneath my clothes AND develop the perfect recipe for roast duck with cherry sauce.

But I’d like to change that. The perfectionist in me hates waking up on Saturday morning to dishes in the sink and the week’s mail strewn over the kitchen counter, kitchen table, LR coffee table, and the floor (thanks Gracie). But the perfectionist in me also hates that my inbox at work is 15 pages long. What to do?

I don’t have an answer. But I’m tired of a perfectionist’s “rules.” I want to make plans at 7 pm on a Wednesday night without having to scramble for three days so I can leave work ‘early.’ I want to have time to learn to cook a souffle’ for Thanksgiving (even if the first 12 attempts come out flatter than a pancake). And I could use a little more downtime drinking a glass of wine with Domestic Hubby. Wish me luck!