I was excited that we were baking potato loaves this week for two reasons – short rising times, and potato bread is DH’s favorite. Unfortunately, the commercial potato loaves have too much non-bread ingredients, so DH is usually out of luck.

Since its just the two of us (and I’m trying to take it easy these days in order to avoid having to buy a whole new wardrobe when I go back to work next month), I made a few alterations to the recipe:
– halved the recipe to make one loaf
– kept skins on the potatoes (using red potatoes since that’s what we had)
– substituted 1 cup of whole wheat flour for the all purpose
– used the chives that were leftover from making deviled eggs for Easter, and stirred in 2 minced garlic cloves as well.

As directed, I trusted the recipe for the mixing of the dough…

Two minutes in to mixing…

Six minutes in to mixing…looking pretty good….

This was also the point when I added my chives and garlic.

Eleven minutes of mixing – I had a very soft and gooey dough!


I haven’t really worked with a dough this sticky, and it made forming my torpedo shapes pretty impossible. I don’t know if my problem was using the red potatoes (less starchy than the Russell potatoes?) or if I should have just added a little more flour.

So even though my loaf isn’t as rustic as it should be, it still tastes fantastic and the recipe is simple enough to whip up on a weekend afternoon without too much advance planning. I’ll be lucky if DH shares the loaf with me 🙂

Visit Dawn’s site at Dawn’s Simple Sweets for a beautiful example and the recipe.