File this one under "only attempt while on maternity leave"

File this one under “only attempt while on maternity leave”

This weekend we hosted the extended family for DB’s baptism. In our family, this is an extremely special day, so after the church service we gathered at our place for a lunch so all the grandparents and aunts could love on DB.

As I was planning this lunch, all of our family members all offered to bring something, specifically, a cake. Unfortunately, that wasn’t going to fly with me as I refuse to waste my dessert calories on store-bought cake. Nor was I going to give up the opportunity to bake something for my little gal, even though she won’t ever know anything about it! Perhaps I’m just getting the baking bug out of my system now since I’m not going to want to tackle these kinds of baking projects once I get back into work mode (I’d rather spend my free time cuddling with DB!)

While I was flipping through Google and Pinterest for ideas, I realized that while I love love love the world of blogging, it’s gotten to a point where the novice like me is overwhelmed at the complexity of what all of these talented individuals can do! I got my “idea” from a professional baker, who used beautiful fondant to create these gorgeous flowers, crosses, and letters for her cupcakes. But, having never worked with fondant before, I decided to do sugar cookies, which I think turned out beautifully AND made for wonderful leftovers.

Since I don’t create my own baking recipes (yet!), here is the roundup of the recipes I used to create DB’s baptism cupcakes
Cookies and Icing – from Annie’s Eats
Vanilla Cupcakes and Vanilla Buttercream – from Cupcake Project
Chocolate Cupcakes – from Annie’s Eats

All in all – I was thrilled with how everything tasted – and now, I just need to practice my piping skills! It’s a little too obvious that I got poor grades in art class growing up!