Yes, I’m late in posting this one. It was not due to being late in making the recipe (in fact, I baked these cookies last Wednesday as I needed them prior to the onslaught of visitors who came for DB’s baptism this weekend. It’s just that I don’t have a whole lot to say about these.

They’re cookies. They’re good cookies, but I don’t think they are going to result in my heading towards the Baking with Julia book over the Toll House recipe. I grew up on the Toll House chocolate chip cookies, which were the only ones that my mother would allow me to help with growing up (and, eventually, the only ones that I was allowed to make on my own without special permission to make a mess in her kitchen). Our version followed the recipe with a few minor adjustments – an extra half a teaspoon of vanilla extract, no walnuts (to this day I don’t like nuts in my desserts), and for special occasions, making the cookies with half chocolate chips and half butterscotch chips.

Because the Baking With Julia recipe is fairly similar to the TH recipe, I was excited about making these as the book describes them as “the thinking person’s chocolate chip cookie.” And while I love coffee and chocolate, I found that the coffee flavoring here just made me confused. I modified the recipe to use chopped dried cherries in the cookies instead of the apricots – which I did like with the chocolate.

Visit Peggy’s site at Galettista for the full recipe and beautiful results!

Unfortunately, I think this is one instance where childhood memories trump a culinary pursuit.
Forgive the photos – I didn’t realize how soft my butter was when I baked the cookies, so they spread out all over the place in the oven!

What was your opinion about this recipe? Am I not giving it enough credit?