I almost didn’t make this one.

It wasn’t for lack of wanting, but one of exhaustion, an exhaustion that only those of new parents know. Where the likelihood of a successful day relies upon which child you’ve seen during the night. Is it the one that can easily be soothed by feeding/changing? Or one that continues to fuss throughout the night?

Now that DH is back at work, planning for a recipe involves more than a trip to the grocer and turning the oven on. Timing the trip to the store, finding a way to keep DB healthy in this cold weather, organizing the baking efforts around feedings/naps….it has made me grateful that I picked up so much project management experience before becoming a mother.

But last night we had a good night. And with the sun shining on this cold February day, I thought we might just make it.

And I’m sure you can all guess which prep method I used. :). I do love my FoodPro, and with it, this became a pretty straightforward dump and mix effort.

I made this one along with the recipe, with the exception of replacing the bourbon with leftover coffee from this morning. :). The coffee is especially good in the white chocolate cream. Oh man that’s good – creamy, sweet, with the bitter coffee aftertaste which I absolutely love.

Other high points? I love making syrups on the stove because I think they make the prettiest boils.

And mixing the batter in the FoodPro made a beautifully creamy batter.

And the baking went OK, but I needed another 5-7 minutes in the oven. This made the top a little firm, but the bottom was still soft. But I was still able to flip the cake successfully! (Sorry for the shadow…)

Oh man, this cake is rich and GOOD for being so easy! I may hold on to this recipe for my office annual bake sale, as the best chocolate cake can go for over 500 dollars for charity!

Visit Cathy’s site at A Frederick Food Garden for he recipe and more info about this glorious cake! I am looking forward to viewing everyone’s results!

Also, to those of the TWD bloggers who use blogspot, I am having difficulty commenting on your sites (I browse through my iPad, and Blogger locks up at the point where I’m asked to sign in with the little pop-up). So until I sort that out (and if anyone has any workaround, pls tell me!) please know that I love your sites, and will hopefully be able to tell you so directly soon!