I wasn’t sure I was going to try my hand at this one. Yes, it seems to be like many of the bread recipes we’ve been making for Tuesdays With Dorie…..make the starter, form the dough, let it rise, remember to plan ahead because it will need plenty of time to sit. All do-able, but see, last Tuesday DH and I were blessed with this:

And like any new parents, our world was turned upside down in a matter of hours. But by day 5, with lots of help from DH, DB (Domestic Baby) and I were ready to try tackling the kitchen together. After all, we’re going to need to learn how to work together before DH goes back to work, and keeping me out of the kitchen is a no-go!

So into the bouncy seat she went (yes, we were blessed with a daughter. The infinitely cute baby clothes are already inundating the nursery). And Mom got to work mixing the dough.

I learned two things while mixing this recipe:
1. I have GOT to get the locking mechanism on my KA fixed as this time it almost walked itself off the counter!
2. Any fear I had that DB would be alarmed by the KA seems to be misplaced. I guess if babies like vacuum cleaners and hair dryers, than a KA mixer whirring away probably constitutes the same level of noise (assuming, of course, it stays on the counter)

After mixing, we let the dough do its rising during the Super Bowl (I say this every time, but yeast is amazing!)

Then put it in the fridge.

Now here is where, in my fatigued state, I took a shortcut that I shouldn’t have. See, I put my dough into the same freezer bag, thinking that there was plenty of room for the dough. Yeah, that whole concept of having yeast in the dough completely skipped my baby brain then (only five minutes after marveling how well the dang dough had risen while sitting on the counter)!

Imagine my surprise when I grabbed the dough out of the fridge Monday evening before dinner, learning the it had managed to grow all over my apples.

Ah well. I removed the dried out parts of the dough, grabbed a hunk, and started working with it again. I had trouble figuring out how to get the “bubbles” the book was looking for. I was able to use DH’s monster knife to get the texture in the Focaccia itself.

Add some olive oil, salt, rosemary and thyme and placed it on a silpat for baking

My dough was ready within 20 minutes of baking (finally, a recipe that seems to have the right time on it for my oven! At first I thought it was too dry, but once we cut into it, it was the perfect texture inside.

Beats the focaccia served at our favorite Italian restaurant as it’s so light and fluffy. And, I’ve frozen the rest of my dough for another day! All in all this one is a winner, although I probably won’t make it too often as it’s not a bread that I find myself wanting to eat all that often.

Hope everyone’s bread turned out well! Visit Sharmini’s site at Wandering Through to see her beautiful results and to find the recipe! I’m off to get some newborn snuggles.