Last year, when I first started Tuesday’s With Dorie, the pace of recipes being every two weeks was perfect. That was enough time for me to get in the mood to be challenged to do something new, and still cook/post a recipe or two in between.

Fast forward to now….still cooking, but the two week time horizon just flies by and I’m always a little behind to remember to post on Tuesday! Am I really busier? Or just more pre-occupied? Prepping for little one (including decorating a nursery and renovating a basement) would certainly do that. But I’ve also noticed that I’ve been forced to slow down – that my mind doesn’t allow me to move/think as fast as I used to. I suppose that’s genetics at work, as everything really does seem to turn my mind to “baby.”

I have to admit, it has impacted my cooking. I’ve noticed the number of times that I have to read through a recipe from Baking with Julia before I “get it” has doubled and I find myself going back and forth from the counter to the book many more times – I’ve been counting that as my exercise!!

Fortunately, I found this tart to be really straightforward and I was thrilled with the results. I did, however, make the dough into what I consider to be a true tart dough, using all butter as the fat, 2tbsp of sugar, and an egg to bind it all together. I can’t help it, the little bit of sugar with the egg/butter just appeals to me more than traditional pie dough.

I’m also glad I read through all the chatter before starting this time! First, for confidence that I could just use some of DH’s white bread to make the bread crumbs for the filling. And for just convincing me that I wanted to take the time and effort to make the filling at all! A little bit of work peeling apples led to a chunky (and I mean very chunky) apple filling that was awesome. The leftovers were pretty wonderful the next morning at breakfast!



So there you have it – a pretty little apple tart! I will keep this on my short list for the fall days when I find myself with too many apples from the farm. Visit Laws of the Kitchen for the recipe and step by step instruction.