Oh my goodness was I excited about this week’s TWD recipe. DH and I love naan, and it is one of our guilty pleasures when we go out for Indian (alright, it’s one of my guilty pleasures…there is no guilt from DH’s perspective). So I used this TWD post to make an entire Indian-inspired dinner, featuring:

Tandoori-style Roasted Chicken
Cabbage and Peas
Chana Masala

Recipes for these to follow! Back to the naan!

I was impressed at how easy the dough was to mix up. I did it by hand, and it certainly used the 6 cups of flour the recipe called for. I did use 2 cups of whole wheat flour in my recipe, going back to that whole guilt feeling about the naan having no real nutritional value. So I stirred it together, let it rise for 3 hours while I ran through my typical Saturday afternoon practice of cramming all of the errands normal people get done during the week into a 3 hour period. And then I came home to make supper and naan!

First I separated the dough into 8 pieces.


Then rolled each one out and pricked them with a hi-tech fork


Since DH’s favorite naan is garlic naan, I decided to modify the topping for the recipe using
3 tbsp butter, melted
3-4 scallions, diced
Minced garlic (probably 4-5 cloves worth)
1 tbsp cumin
Since I was baking on the bottom of a cookie sheet, I made them two at a time, brushing butter on the naan and then adding the toppings, making sure to get the minced garlic really into the dough. 6 minutes later, they were out of the oven and beautiful!!!


Thank you TWD members for voting to do such a simple and low in butter recipe this week. Make sure you visit our hosts Maggie at Always Add More Butter and Phyl at Of Cabbages and King Cakes for the recipe and other beautiful examples of naan. Lovely!!

I’m on a late night flight home tonight for my last business trip of the week (which is awesome for a Monday even if I’ll be getting home at 12:30 in the morning). I hope to find time to blog about the rest of my Indian recipes as well as the hot and sour cabbage soup I made this weekend as well (this weekend was a “how do I use up the three heads of cabbage we got in the CSA” weekend). Will post shortly!