Oh, my apologies Julia. I just couldn’t do it! I couldn’t bring myself to stay true to this recipe. It was the butter. And the ginormous size of these rolls. And the fact that I was leaving them at home with DH when he was by himself to consume.


And I apologize for being a day late in writing and uploading this post. Monday was a zoo, complete with travel, 7 hours of meetings in Minneapolis, and ending with dinner at a lodge in South Dakota where the ONLY dinner options consisted of a big steak or a bigger steak and a trek out to Mount Rushmore to see the monument lit up at night. My travel on Tuesday got messed up and I ended up getting in late to sleep a few hours in Denver. And now I write this post at 6 AM inspired by flying over the Rocky Mountains on my way to Salt Lake City.

Yes, travel is amazing. Traveling for business, no matter where you are going, is frustrating. It encourages the 24-hour always on lifestyle we have, and because so much of your day is spent in transit, you then feel guilty about everything else that is piling up as you sit there trying to figure out why the airport wireless feels the need to boot you off their network every 15-20 minutes.

This frustration is why I choose to cook- it’s therapy. It’s something that I have complete control over the way I feel about the outcome. It’s only tied to my own personal definition of success, and not by success as defined by a boss, client, etc. Someday I hope to learn to define my work by my own definition as well. Someday.

Julia might be disappointed in my sticky rolls due to my desire to cut the butter. But I think they turned out beautifully, albeit they were sturdy rolls and not as gooey as I imagine the original recipe made. I’m OK with that for the following reasons:

1. I learned that yeast will rise in doughs while using warm almond milk as a substitute for whole milk(a good lesson when you’re allergic to dairy and almost never have milk on hand). I can also say I’ve successfully made a sponge.


2. I made a brioche dough! But my poor artisan kitchen aid’s lock switch kept coming undone as it proceeded to hop around the kitchen counter, so I did have to hold it throughout the entire mixing process!

3. And the brioche dough rose beautifully! I am always awed when I’m able to get dough to do that.


4. I skipped the part about rolling the dough in thirds and adding butter. And the dough still turned out with that air-filled texture

5. I found a way to use my leftover nuts/cinnamon sugar from the Cookies we made in February! (I kept it in the fridge all this time hoping I could use it). Hooray for being creative about not wasting food!

6. And they baked up beautifully. I think I had them a little high up in the over for the first part of baking, so the bottoms got a little brown, but the tops are pretty!


So, I’m happy and define this one as a success. I also think that the results by this week’s hosts Lynn at Eat Drink Man Woman Dogs Cats and Nicole of Cookies on Friday are even more so – DO check them out!!

I have to admit that flipping through our Baking with Julia book, I’m starting to get ansy to try my hand at making something with some nutritional value, like the rye bread. I’m putting in my vote!!!

Keep on trucking’. Halfway through the week!