Guess where I am. No, not at the airport…yet. I’m in a bar in downtown LA, killing time before a red eye home. On a Friday night. At least the folks who brought me out here for a Friday afternoon meeting apologized for the shitty travel. While the meeting was successful, getting home at 8 am Saturday morning is going to kick my ass.

So sitting here at the bar, I got to thinking about re-doing my basement. And I’ve decided I want to incorporate some of my and Domestic Hubby’s travels into the decor. Especially from Thailand. The longer I’ve been away, the fonder I’ve become (impressive b/c I was completely overwhelmed for the first few days).

So I thought I might re-live my vacation here a bit. And those of you that know me know that I travel for the food. Now, ever since I had my first Thai curry back in good old’ Ames, Iowa (which was pretty sad in retrospect), I have LOVED THAI FOOD. And I am so happy to report back that Thai food in Thailand is so much more amazing than anything I’ve ever had in the States. DH and I happily ate Thai food for all of our meals while we were there and were still sad to see it go (with the exception of our anniversary dinner, which was Chinese at the Mandarin Oriental….yeah, who knows).

Of course, my favorite day in Thailand was cooking class with Yui and Kwan at A Lot of Thai cooking school. OMG it was amazing! They teach at their home and are set up perfectly!! Each of us got a workstation for the day


And if you can’t tell I was suuuuuper excited


For each dish Yui would walk us through the instructions


And then we would be on our own to re-create!


I have never made such good food!!! First there was Tom-yam goong soup


Then green or red curry



Cashew chicken!


And Pad Thai, Spring rolls, and Mango sticky rice (where have those photos gone?!?). I have never been so full in my life but it was all amazing!!!

After class, Yui took us to the local market.


And we saw Thai bird chillies, which are HOT but don’t burn for a long time like a habanero does


And baskets of rice!!!


It puts the Soulard farmer’s market to shame, really


Most favorite day of vacation!!!

I have tried to recreate some dishes since. My last curry paste must have had an obscene amount of chili in it, because it was too tough to eat. But I think, while I am working on the sticky buns for this week’s TWD, I will plan on making Pad Thai and mango sticky rice. Ever had rice pudding for breakfast? Mango sticky rice is even better.

Thanks for letting me daydream about a place on the other side of the world. It’s amazing and I hope to go back (assuming I could survive 30 hours of travel again)! Now that it’s 8, I hope the LA traffic situation is cleared enough for me to head to LAX. Only 11 more hours to home!