I do try to get some exercise in frequently during the week. Always prior to 6 on workdays, if I can. Recently, I’ve had to get to the office by a little after 6, so that kills my ability to get my exercise. Why so early? Uninterrupted work times sacred during our busy season….which runs from March until early November. It’s a marathon.

At the very least, I try to make up for all of this on the weekends. Today’s exercise was about multi-tasking. I tackled my garden, which is a significant amount of exercise at my house. (I have a knack for picking homes which have a significant amount of gardening square footage. You’d think that would deter me…)

So instead of food tonight, I leave you with some pics of another hobby that I use to keep my mind off of work.

The peas are up and growing! So far, planting them along the back has been immensely helpful in avoiding last year’s failed battle with the rabbits.


I am completely scratched up from cutting back my roses, which were over 5 ft table before I stared. And my poor arms are totally scratched up.




And I managed to plant jump over 150 begonias, again, designed to keep the undies under control.



I’ve got to get some sleep before the week kicks in.