I almost forgot about this week’s Tuesday with Dorie recipe! I thought it would be next week since we would be squarely in April. Of course that would have meant that many of us would be serving Pizza Rustica on our Easter tables!

I really wasn’t sure what to expect with this recipe, as I’m not a huge fan of cheese-laden pies. But I’m glad that I tried it – it was delicious and very easy to make!

First, I was thrilled that the dough came together so easily! My pastry dough always seems to turn out a little dry and needs additional ice water, but this one was a snap. I skipped the food processor in favor of a pastry blender and a spoon. I rather enjoy the little clumps of butter that shows up in my crust when I bake them. 🙂


Next, the filing? Easy. Although DH bought me curly parsley at the grocery. While I always think of parsley as garnishy, curly parsley is especially so. But, in it went (and the leftover bunch went into lasagna!).


Once my dough was chilled, I went on to the task of rolling the dough. I am not gifted at this at all! The base turned out beautiful…..Until it went into the dish. Someone really needs to teach me how to trim edges…


After the filing went in, I did my top crust. I started to run out of dough on the round, so it required a lot of rolling, slicing, and re-rolling. But I managed to get all 12 recommended strips onto the pie!


After that, baking. And it turned out beautiful. I wish I had taken a picture of the first slice, but DH and I had company over for supper and while I have no problem interrupting DH’s dinner, I don’t like to do that for guests.


This is definitely a recipe I will make again! Visit our hosts for the week Emily and Raelynn to find the recipe and try it yourself!!

Enjoy the springtime! I am trying to wait patiently until my peas and kale have sprouted.