I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday. Somehow the weekend wrapped up, I managed to come down with a killer cold, had to go to Dallas to present in front of 80 people, and now I’m sitting at Love Field at 6 AM waiting for a flight. So I’m a day late in posting my second Tuesdays With Dorie post. That didn’t take long.

As an aside, I am vehemently opposed to arriving at the airport with much time to spare. I like to get through security and walk on the plane. Drives DH and some of my coworkers nuts. I blame it on impatience, but deep down I sometimes wish the plane would leave without me and I could find myself with an extra day at home. I am a homebody after all.

This week’s TWD recipe was rugelach. Now, I’ve never had nor heard of regelach, so this became pretty interesting. I will admit that reading though the recipe was a little daunting. And trying to collect the necessary amounts of nuts and dried fruit was also tough. (Although I now have homemade trail mix)

I started with making the dough, which was very dense and quite sticky to work with. But with 3 sticks of butter and a tub of cream cheese (I used low-fat cream cheese) it was pretty darn tasty.


20120307-062426.jpg Dough Rolls!

That was plenty of work for a Sunday morning and the rolls needed to chill. Around dinner time, I pulled them out, sliced them, and the rolled them in another crushed cinnamon, sugar, and nut mixture. It was at this point DH came over and chose to critique my work. Of course, he had been working all day on requiring a fan in our bedroom, so I’m not sure he really had room to call my cookies deformed.

While the dough chilled, I chose to make homemade apricot lekvar. I’m not a huge fan of apricots, but the recipe suggested either prune or apricot and I picked the lessor of two evils. I am happy that I have leftovers, as the lekvar is very nice on toast.


As the dough chilled, I went to work on the filling. Cinnamon sugar, and lots of diced fruits and nuts. I used a whole mix of things….cherries, raisins, dates, pecans, walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts. In retrospect I would leave the hazelnuts out next time as I found they overpowered the cookie. Once the filling was ready, I rolled out the dough and filled them like you do cinnamon rolls. I was not able to get the dough rolled out to the full size of 10X14 as the recipe called for, nor was I able to roll my cookies in the appropriate direction. But I came up with something.



That was quite enough work for a Sunday morning, so I let the dough rolls chill during the day. Around supper time, I sliced the rolls and rolled them in yet another sugar, cinnamon and cursed nuts mixture. It was about this time when DH popped his head in the kitchen to critique my work. Now, they weren’t beautiful, but I don’t think they were as deformed as he thought.


Finally to the baking. Easiest part, except for making sure the bottoms didn’t burn. But I’m happy to say that new oven worked pretty darn well!


The end results? That evening both DH and I were underwhelmed. But the following day, the folks at work loved them. And DH called me in Dallas to tell me that they really did turn out quite well. Will I do this again? Maybe not….it was a lot of time for a cookie that I don’t have a special attachment to. And it seemed to me more of a French pastry than a cookie. Part of that challenge was due to the size of my rugelach. :). But the whole weekend was a good experience all the same.

Want the recipe? Go to our host blogs at My Baking Heart and Margaret at the Urban Hiker to see them! Enjoy!!!