That’s about all I’ve got. My least favorite part about my job is travel. Business travel stinks. I have been in four cities today. Three flights. Several hours sitting in a Panera. Waiting outside the Pittsburgh airport in the cold for 40 minutes for the airport shuttle (which was only 10 minutes away at any point…) and a TV which keeps losing signal. And how many grilled chicken salads do I have to eat (which frankly is about the only thing I think I can eat without getting fat)? Oh, and not getting dinner until 11. This is all really lame.

Update the following morning – the gym had no AC, treadmills were out of balance, and the treadmill tv wasn’t hooked up to cable. Way to stay classy Embassy.

To get in a less cranky mood, I flipped through my Christmas pictures and smiled when I saw this one.


This is an updated take on one of my family’s traditional holiday recipes (although you could do this for lots of holidays depending on your colors). My mom’s recipe was 7 layer jello, that she would make using 7 different kinds of jello, alternating rows with a flavor mixed in with condensed milk.

So when I saw this on The Kitchn, linking to Glorious Treats beautiful creation, I decided to make it for my own Christmas.

I picked up 6 different colors of jello for the rainbows, and a large tub of reduced fat Cool Whip. (and for some odd reason no one in the StL carried grape jello, so my top layer is cranberry with some blue food coloring in it, which gave it an interesting texture. You can make this in a large casserole dish, but I thought these glasses from Target were extra fun. This recipe made 8 large glasses of jello (most of us took two meals to eat ours).

Make each jello using the quick set method on the box. Add about 2/3rds of the plain jello for the first layer. Let sit in the fridge about 15-20 minutes or until it has mostly set. Whisk to Add 1/3 cup Cool Whip to the remaining jello. (I alternated between adding the cool whip immediately, vs. right prior to putting the cool whip layer in the glasses and decided I liked the latter method as it gave the layer a stained glass appearance). Gently spoon the Cool Whip layer on the clear one, refrigerate for at least 30 minutes (longer for the first layer). Repeat with other colors, making sure you spoon each layer on top in order to avoid upsetting previous layers.

Of course, this is something you do when you have a lot of advance notice, but I thought they were pretty fun on our table.

Now, time to get out of this darn hotel. 5 hours until my meeting is over and then I can start the arduous process of trying to fly home.