This is the time of year where I have to focus very hard on staying upbeat. Mostly because I only see daylight two days a week. There’s only so much vitamin D supplements and a light box can do for a girl. I don’t do after dark….it’s as painful to me to leave the house once it’s dark as it is for DH to get up before 8 on the weekend to go for a run.

So I try to focus on my favorite things during the winter to keep my spirits up. And as evidenced by my ever-slowing metabolism, I can’t just focus on sugar and butter. So, some of the things that make me smile

1. Robert Marc eyeware


Beautiful glasses, and I find them at The Eye Bar

2. Mini!!!


3. TurboFire! I do enjoy the extreme boxing, but mostly because the music reminds me of Jock Jams from the 90’s – the ultimate workout playlist.


4. Tina Fey and 30 Rock. First, because my life has striking resemblances to Liz Lemon’s (complete with glasses, circus colleagues, over the top republican boss, and use of made-up words. Second, her book Bossypants is a riot. read it.


5. Fancy-schmancy cooking gear. No secret that I love to cook, and these tools make it so freakin’ easy. Love, love them!



6. Making massive family dinners. The one time I am ever absorbed in what I’m working on. I love the Planning, improvisation, and last minute scrambling that comes with the exercise!


7. And lastly, this little gal. While I have two, I picked Miss Gracie out when I first got my own place and needed someone to take care of. She has my same personality, but is also a good snuggled (except for breakfast!)


Try to stay upbeat…I’m just trying to stay up past 9….