I’ve become pretty pathetic when it comes down to winter weather.  If it drops much below 20 degrees, I will do anything to avoid leaving the house.  And, assuming I haven’t pissed off the actuarial gods, I make it a point to be in bed reading a book by 9.

Now the weather has perked up a bit and I’m restless.  Still too cold to run outside (or to drag my toosh to the gym at 5).  And I don’t feel like reading a book either, as evidenced by the fact that I just wasted an hour wandering around the library looking for books on traveling to Asia. 

Blech.  On better notes, I have called a housekeeper, and she is coming on Saturday.  That was, sadly, my proudest accomplishment today.

Perhaps tomorrow I’ll be home in time to make homemade Pad Thai.  It will be a recipe taken from several sources – Cooking Light, Mark Bittman, and various blogs.  We shall see if I manage to pull it off.

Off to see what I can DL on the Kindle.  After getting that thing for Christmas, I’ve been through about a dozen different books.  Have any suggestions of good reads?