Full confession:  For 28 years of my life, I chowed down on American-style Chinese food without thinking twice.  Over time, I’ve tried to go as close to the authentic source of foreign foods as is possible living in the Midwest.  But not Chinese.  Until my Chinese teacher took my class to a traditional-style Chinese restaurant in Olivette.  And I tried a Sichuan Chicken.  With Sichuan peppercorns.  They had a strange spicey taste and made my tongue go numb – I wasn’t sure I liked them!


I recently checked out a book by Fuchsia Dunlop on Sichuan cuisine – mostly because I wanted to try those peppercorns again!  I found them at Penzey’s spices (awesome store – completely derailed my Saturday morning).  And because I wasn’t completely ready to cook some of the more unusual dishes, I settled on Gong Bao – Kung Pao Chicken – and dry-fried green beans.


Despite not being able to find ground pork at the grocer’s (I swear, the only place in the grocery store where I get flustered is the meat counter), I think dinner turned out to be a great success!  Even my Gong Bao sauce set up – pretty awesome.  And although Domestic Hubby is always a little wary whenever I make anything with “pepper” – the dish turned out to be full of flavor – not just spicy.




Hope the weekend has put you into a good frame of mind for the upcoming week.  I know that a weekend with DH and some time by the pool was just what I needed!  Too short as always.